Saturday, 29 June 2013

The Return of the Tiny! Pirates!

cheerful, lively and very, very small!

 Fresh from treasure-hunting around the world, the Buxton Pirates are back. Join the Stone & Water crew to make your own miniature pirate and tiny ship and venture off into Pavilion Gardens looking for Tiny! treasures. 

Where: Pavilion Gardens, St. Johns Rd, Buxton SK17 6BE 
We'll be working under a tree near the children's play area - look for the Jolly Roger!  
we'll either be like this, or maybe damper!

When: Saturday 6 July 
2pm to 5pm 
How much; Free
No tickets, no booking, no walking the plank, no feeding to sharks (unless you really want us too!)

The seas of June

Ancient Landscapes splashing about the summer!
nesting coral from Lady Manners

We've had workshops all over the place this month, so here is a quick collection of excitements...

We have visited
Lady Manners School - working with the Year 12 textile students
Lady Manners, large drawing

National Trust at Ilam Park for a Father's Day event

Buxton Soroptomists where we gave an after-dinner talk complete with fossils, model trilobites and horseshoe crabs, and crochet seaweeds creeping across the tabletops
Lady Manners Horseshoe Crab

Peakabout Arts with High Peak Community Arts: with some beautifully deocrated felted kelps unfolding stickily across the workshop

Silverdale Knitting Group in action
Silverdale Knitting Group - with comment below from our artist, Sarah Males, who led the event and then a further message from the Silverdale library team who host the knitting group (hope they don't mind me quoting their lovely comments!) 

needle-felting ancient fish
"A lovely afternoon at Silverdale Library with the knitting group. We set off travelling back through time, as far back as 360m years ago, thinking about life in shallow seas. Images of corals, sea lilies and brachiopods living in our landscapes, long, long ago and far, far away. Today we have fossils, clear and tangible memories of life at that time. And our challenge? To help the reef grow, creating with crochet, fossilising with felt and knitting new creatures to populate this ancient landscape.
Hooks and needles, stitching and stabbing (needle felt!) and a busy room all combined to produce twisting coral shapes and felted fish, jellies and stars. Some Silverdale folks plan to visit Buxton" Sarah

"I just wanted to extend my thanks on behalf of the ladies who attended the session yesterday .We all had a brilliant time! Thank you again for arranging it for us. A couple of the ladies mentioned on the way out that they are going to drive up to Buxton for the open day! All in all I think it was very successful and I wish that Sarah could come to us every Friday!!" Silverdale

Visit the Silverdale group:

Friday, 28 June 2013

The Next High Tide

The Next High Tide

Sunday 7th - Sunday 14th July
Window display: our ancient tide will wash into The Green Man Gallery again as part of the Buxton Festival Fringe. So pop into the Gallery and among the prints, paintings, photos and thrills on display, have a peaceful moment beside our prehistoric world, soothed by the gentle corals, graceful seaweeds and occasional nautiloids…..and if the Gallery is closed, you can always swim past the window and send us the photos of yourself....

and when you want to join in…..

Knitting A New Landscape
Sunday 14th July
Times: 11.00 - 16.00 (last new activities at 3.30)
Join us for a frivolous day in Carboniferous Derbyshire being adventurous and ambitious. We want to spin our Ancient Landscape out of the window and across the gallery with seaweeds waving from ceilings, tentacles from nameless seabeasts crawling across the floor, giant corals lumping in corners and fingerfish flashing through this ancient world…

We'll bring wool, crochet hooks, felting needles, card, glue, pencils, crayons and tape. Please bring your own knitting needles.

Finding the Gallery:
55 High Street
SK17 6HB
Tel: 01298 77401
kelp taking shape

 Parking: there is no parking at the Gallery itself but there is some free parking in the streets round about and Pay and Display parking in the Market Place just a couple of minutes walk away. Some street spaces are P&D, as well, so check before you wander away from your vehicle!

Buses: we are just a couple of minutes from the Market Place bus-stop and even closer to stops on Dale and West Roads

Train station: about 15 minutes walk away