Sunday, 14 July 2013

The Tide Stays In!

In tropical heat to-day, some 40 people called into the Green Man Gallery for some determined "Knitting of a new landscape"

It was great! There were needles knitting, crochets hooking and alarming needle-felt barbs avoiding people's fingers. Seaweed was knotted and jellyfish ribboned and wobbled. A lot of the new creations were placed in the window display by their makers

And the Gallery has asked for our Ancient Landscape to stay in the window for another week!

branching coral

seaweed might be knitted....

seaweed could also be knotted...

...but sooner or later, it always gets someone!

a sea slug takes shape

a half-grown sea slug

the adult slug sets off on adventures

crochetted and fossilised ammonites 
contributions from our friends at Silverdale Library

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