Friday, 2 August 2013

Monsters from the limestone!

Images from a lovely day in Buxton Museum and Art Gallery

Drawing, very loosely, from the animals of the ancient seas that gave us the limestone of the Peaks, we were making animal puppets

work began with drawings

this eurypterid will emerge from the page later




Annie, one of our artists, hard at work
a good way of involving everyone

next stage for that eurypterid

a spectacular Dunklosteus!

taking a trilobite for a walk

trilobite family

there were several large trilobites
a sort of cuttlefish eating a jellyfish
the eurypterid leaves!

Join us on one of the next Ancient Landscape events!

Winnat's Pass Walk
Date: Tuesday 6th August 2013
Meeting point: Castleton Visitor Centre Car Park, Castleton, Hope Valley S33 8WP
Times: 2 - 4pm
Booking: no booking needed just drop by and join in
Cost: free: - car parking charges may apply

What's happening?
With National Trust Rangers, we will explore the geology of this dramatic gorge, meeting the millstone grit that eventually covered the limestone of the White Peak. A Stone and Water artist will help the group explore creatively: composing instant poems, making up wild stories about the cliffs and caves of the Pass.
This walk will last 2 hours, has some steep slopes and will not remain on paved surfaces. Strong footwear essential and clothing to suit the weather

Life in Ancient Seas at Leek PlayDay
Date: Wednesday 7th  August 2013
Venue: Brough Park, Leek (beside the Leek Leisure Centre)
Times: 11 - 3
Booking: no booking needed just drop by and join in
Cost: free: materials provided (donations welcomed) - car parking charges may apply

What's happening?
Come and paddle in a prehistoric sea! Explore life in the Carboniferous Seas of 300 million years ago that eventually gave us the limestone, shale and gritstones of the Peak District. We'll be making personal finger-puppet trilobites and pet ammonites and models of ancient seasides…

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