Saturday, 17 August 2013

Leek Playday

Leek: Brough Park and wild times!
Wednesday 7th August
National Playday

A flurry of fossils and creativity at Leek Play Day! Lots of interest the trilobites, ammonites, belemnites and brachiopods from those who came to play. Stories were shared, tales of visits to Dorset and Whitby, where fossils had been spotted on the beaches.
Our very own coral sea, the ancient local landscape, has many treasures to offer to those who go seeking. 

One visitor told us of an ammonite in the stone near Waterhouses, another mentioned an ammonite in the nearby mobile museum bus! Lots of drawing, cutting and sticking resulted in creatures from the carboniferous and seascapes featuring the coral reef teeming with life. 

Report by Sarah Males: artist on the spot!

(Nearly 350 people visited the Ancient Landscapes stall!)

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