Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Wandering through Winnat's!

Tuesday 6th August
Winnat's Pass Walk
A report on our adventurous adventurers!

Hunting for Fossils!

A small band of explorers set off from Castleton Visitor Centre on a mission to find fossils in our ancient landscape. 

Winnat's Pass is a spectacular limestone gorge, full of caves and scree, providing the ideal location for rock and fossil hunting. As we walked up to the Pass, Jenny Gerrans from the National Trust pointed out Mam Tor, the mother mountain with a face of shivering shale overlaying the limestone. The remains of a bronze and early iron age hill fort can be seen in the landscape around the Tor and we thought this would be a good place to see right across the valley.

We soon reached the first of many little caves in the Pass. Little but big enough for us to get inside and some of us could even stand up! Very exciting, although rather dark. We found pieces of fossil in the stones around the cave entrance, then started to investigate the scree. 

One of our party found an age worn pound coin, not quite old enough to be a real fossil. 

Report by Sarah Males, artist, cave grubber and appreciator of fossils

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