Thursday, 4 April 2013

Life in ancient rockpools

a finger-crinoid nestles in an Ancient Landscape
We've just had a lovely day at Castleton Visitor Centre in the Hope Valley in Derbyshire. After snow a couple of weeks ago closed the centre, and the roads, and dramatic Winnatt's Pass, and froze our first "ancient rockpools" day out, today really counted as the start of public workshops for this project

our practice pool to get people started

86 people joined us during the day to look at fossils and models of ancient animals, and to stroke, prod, squeeze and generally explore our Ancient Landscape. Then most people made for themselves either a fossil fingerpuppet or an ancient rockpool from these far-off Carboniferous days (or both). Given what we were finding in our imagined rockpools, it's probably just as well we humans weren't around then!

...and fingerfish

We did make some practical discoveries, however, including "the easy way to draw a trilobite" - details will follow in another blog. And we met Toby with his lovely fossil blog - why not take a look? Fossilfriends

But mostly, we made things....

so cold outside, it wasn't safe to take gloves off indoors!

Next event is Saturday 6th April - Miller's Dale

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