Saturday, 27 April 2013

Pop-up Blossom Studio

This project is not part of Ancient Landscapes itself but is another environmental experience, organised this time by Victoria who painted the magnificent landscape we use in our publicity….
Blossom postcard by Victoria Brown

Have you ever felt disconnected from nature? Do you only capture its beauty fleetingly, rushing through your daily life?
I have a one-word suggestion for you...


The wonder of the bud and the explosion of thousands of unfurling petals creating a cacophony and mass majesty of blooms. Nature trumpeting spring, life and infinite possibilities!

We lose so much connection of humanness when we forget the seasons apart from the disruptive side of its nature.
Sometimes we can feel like we’re grating against it rather than basking with it in harmony, sharing the seasons joy.
To me there are few greater weighted displays of nature’s celebration than the fresh fizz of 'Blossom' the subject and title of my new exciting project, kindly supported by the Arts Council England, The National Lottery and Arts Derbyshire.

The blossoms are transient, urgent for their life, then they’re gone.

Come with me in awe, see the blossoms and my work in progress or bring your brushes and enjoy, capture a place in time and reconnect- if only for that moment, maybe that moment yearly?

If they were not here on our planet, if they didn't bloom, what would we miss?

What if we were separated from nature and lived only remotely in an electrified wire filled world and lost connection to nature completely? What if we forgot we were any part of it?

For me my life would ache with the loss, nature is as grounding to me as it is uplifting!

Join me?


Visit for information on Blossom events at Hardwick Hall, Chaddesden and Derby or follow Victoria on Twitter @victoriasart Facebook Page: www.facebook/VictoriaBrownartist and
Telephone 07973162721 or email:

Victoria's Ancient Landscape for our project

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