Thursday, 11 April 2013

Sunshine and trilobites

Miller's Dale, Saturday 6th April
all set up and ready for action

fossils and finger-corals
A sunny day in the Peak District! This felt like an exciting release after weeks of cold snow and slippery roads and visitors came rushing out to bask in the sunshine

And the stones were waiting! We had a lovely day working with visitors to this peaceful stopping point on the Monsall Trail

We rummaged in the fossil-pot (thanks to the National Park Rangers for the wonderful chunks of limestone!)
having a good rummage

fluorspar with galena? out of the fossil-pot

We made new fingertip corals and personal trilobites

40 people went off to look at fossils along the Trail (thanks again to the Rangers for leading these)
fossil-expedition setting off!

And the rest of us (another 60 during the day), looked at stones, handled fossils, made models and enjoyed the sunshine!

personal nautilus

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